Chiropodology or also known as chiropody is the podiatric treatment aimed at the elimination of calluses and alterations in the toenails to keep the foot healthy, prevent diseases and solve problems such as:

- Removal of calluses (helomes)
- Elimination of calluses (Hyperkeratosis)
- Treatment of ingrown nails (Onychocryptosis)
- Treatment of thick nails (Onychogryphosis)
- Fungal nail treatment
- Treatment of papillomas

Improper footwear or poor biomechanical posture are among the most common causes of problems treated with chiropody.

foot surgery

The need to perform foot surgery arises when the patient presents continuous pain, without response to conservative treatments and altering their quality of life.

We provide a high quality service through a complete evaluation of the patient's pathology and the realization of a personalized action plan based on age, profession or personal history.


Podiatry Clinic

General care of the feet with a periodic review of their condition and an assessment of the way they walk and the footwear used, leading to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any type of problem.


Orthopedics is the field of Podiatry that deals with the design and production of any orthotic element for the feet, such as insoles or silicone orthoses.

Silicone orthoses are very useful for the fingers as a palliative element or as an adjuvant treatment in a post-surgical process.

They are made in a personalized way and are very useful in cases of skin injuries, deviations of the fingers, protection of prominent areas, etc.
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Sports Podiatry

Dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of injuries caused in the lower extremity (hip, knee, foot) and spine, as a result of sports activity.

Techniques are used to improve performance and prevent future injuries. In our clinic we are specialized in sports podiatry, especially in running and cycling

Running Biomechanical Study

At Podostudi we have 3D technology that allows us to exhaustively examine all movements. To do this, we analyze the sporting gesture, the influence of footwear and other factors specific to each individual.

It is essential to carry out a biomechanical study of the race to diagnose the risk of injuries and prevent them, as well as recover from them.
It also serves to improve performance, through different treatments that can make the race more efficient.

It is indicated to all those runners, amateurs or professionals, who carry out this activity on a regular basis.
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Biomechanics and gait study

Through our unique 3D movement analysis system Stt-Systems® in the Balearic Islands, we carry out a biomechanical study of the patient to prevent, treat and rehabilitate pathologies derived from incorrect walking and/or posture (bad backs, hips, knees ...).

A consultation with a sports podiatrist will include:
- History of injuries: information on the sports activity practiced, the nature and location of the pain, and previous treatments
- Biomechanical examination: analysis of skeletal anatomy, foot shape, muscle strength and joints as well as analysis of movement or gait.

Cycling Biomechanical Study (Bike-Fitting)

We carry out a comparative analysis of the technical movements of the cyclist on the bicycle and its adjustment so that both work in the most efficient and least harmful way.

At PodoStudi, this assessment is carried out by our sports podiatrist and our physical activity and sports technician who are health professionals specialized in sports.

At PodoStudi we have the Stt-*systems® 3D analysis system, which allows us to assess in real time in a detailed, exhaustive and objective way all the angles and movements on the bicycle. It allows us to do bio-feedback and compare different positions and treatments.