You love to ride your bike… usually.

All you want is to saddle up and go for a ride…

Letting the wind rush against your face as the adrenaline pumps through you…

Each powerful stroke taking you further and further away.

But in place of joy and anticipation, there are days when you feel the slight quivers of dread instead.

You want to ride longer, but your back tightens up an hour into the ride…

Your hips feel like a rusty hinge that stops you from being able to bend as low as you need to go…

You pop an anti-inflammatory to help battle the pain in your knee

And the tightness in your quads and hamstrings makes the entire ride totally uncomfortable.

You find yourself struggling to keep up on group rides…

You’re constantly stopping to give your muscles and joints a break…

And eventually, you start to ride less and less and less.

That’s not what you want. 

What you actually want… is that sense of accomplishment you get after finishing a long, sweaty ride…

That feeling of power from having propelled yourself across great lengths of time and space…

And the confidence boost you get as your body floods with those feel-good endorphins.

So how do you get back to that?

How can you get back to enjoying cycling?

You’re probably not a physiotherapist. Or a sports therapist. Or a personal trainer.


But in our PodoStudi team we have them all.

We also carry out a comparative analysis of the cyclist’s technical movements on the bike and the adjustment of the bike so that both work in the most efficient and least harmful way.


At PodoStudi, this assessment is carried out by our sports podiatrist and our physical activity and sports technician, who are medical doctors specialising in sport.


At PodoStudi we have the Stt-*systems® 3D analysis system, which allows us to assess all the angles and movements on the bicycle in real time in a detailed, exhaustive and objective manner. It allows us to do bio-feedback and compare different positions and treatments.


What benefits can you expect?


Being able to squat lower and get lower on your bike

Get more aerodynamics to ride faster and more efficiently

Be fitter and reduce the risk of injury

Avoid the discomfort caused by poor posture or poor cycling.

Get back to enjoying cycling while feeling stronger on the bike.

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