Having beautiful feet is not the same as having healthy feet. Many people who worry about having well-cared feet decide to go to a professional. To provide them with the care they need, it is necessary to differentiate between two treatments that are often confused; chiropody and pedicure which, contrary to what many people think, are not the same.


If you want your feet to look not only beautiful and cared for, but also healthy, you need to know how to distinguish between these two treatments and go to the right professional.


If you want your feet to look not only beautiful and cared for, but also healthy, it is necessary to know about the Unterscheidung between these two treatments and go to the right professional.


Chiropody is the medical treatment through which the podiatrist, who is the professional in charge of carrying it out, can achieve the comprehensive care of patients’ feet. The podiatrist, through chiropody, deals with treating and curing foot diseases from a medical perspective.


Chiropody is performed by a professional podiatrist and includes the treatment of pathologies such as: ingrown toenails, calluses and corns on the feet, and other alterations that produce pain that make it difficult for the patient to walk normally and have a healthy footprint.


The podiatrist is also in charge of detecting, at the moment the chiropody is being carried out, other possible ailments: papillomas, bunions, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, hyperkeratosis, diabetic foot, sports injuries, claw toes, foot fungus, etc.


These diseases can have effects not only on the patient’s feet, but also on other parts of the body producing: hip, back or knee pain. To prevent these pains, it is very important to visit a podiatrist who will apply the most suitable medical treatment in each case.


Chiropody is a painless, brief and effective treatment, since it is performed by a professional. In addition, in some cases it is necessary to use local anesthesia to prevent the patient from suffering when the necessary treatment may cause pain, it is necessary that a medical professional who is placing this anesthesia.



A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet. In this treatment the nails are filed superficially, the “dead” skin is cut, and aesthetic products such as moisturizer to give a more beautiful appearance to the feet or nail polish are placed on the nails.


It is a purely aesthetic procedure for this reason the person who performs it will be a beautician, not a professional podiatrist. It is important to remember that the pedicure does not guarantee a complete care of the feet, they will look more beautiful but this does not mean that they are healthier.


When the pedicure is not performed correctly, it is possible that the patient’s feet may suffer injuries, for example, if the beautician has removed the cuticle too much, or has not filed and cut the nails correctly. This can cause the nails to become ingrown and, therefore, the patient may suffer pain in the feet. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a good esthetician, this should not occur during a pedicure in any case.


In a pedicure, calluses or corns can be treated, but only superficially. When these are deeper, the pedicure will not be able to remove them and they will regenerate again.





As you can see, to take care of the health of your feet, and not only their aesthetics, it is necessary to visit a podiatrist. 

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