Are You Still Riding With Pain?

You love to ride your bike… usually. All you want is to saddle up and go for a ride… Letting the wind rush against your face as the adrenaline pumps through you… Each powerful stroke taking you further and further away. But in place of joy and anticipation, there are days when you feel the slight […]

Removing a callus at home can seriously harm the health of the feet

The Official College of Podiatrists (ICOPCV) has warned that removing a callus at home can seriously harm the health of the feet, being an “extremely dangerous” practice for diabetics or anticoagulated people.   “We have to bear in mind that a callus is a sign of poor support and may be more than a hardness […]

Do you want to start a physical activity safely?

Anatomic Adaptation or Structural Training This phase focuses on targeting the joints and soft tissues connected to joint stability and mobility, ensuring readiness to handle the specific demands of various sports modalities. Throughout this stage, we prioritize minimizing imbalances and addressing any discomfort that may be present. This proactive approach sets the foundation for At […]

Navigating Chronic Pain: Your Guide to Effective Pain Management

female doctor consoling patient by holding hand

Chronic pain can be a formidable challenge, but it’s one that can be managed effectively with the right approach. In this blog post, we’ll provide valuable insights into chronic pain management and the comprehensive solutions available at Bowden Medicine. Understanding Chronic Pain: We’ll begin by explaining what chronic pain is and why seeking professional help […]